“Have no fear of perfection, you will never achieve it” -S. Dali

We will never have a perfect understanding of the universe. There will always be things that marvel and dismay, but in perusing a comprehensive understanding of everything, we can find beautiful, moving insight into the world. Sometime these discoveries are small, sometimes they are paradigm shifting, but there is always incredible science happening out there.

At least once a week a research paper finds it’s way across my computer screen that just blows my mind; the findings are amazing, the images are beautiful, or maybe the experimentation is just perfectly elegant.  Through normal course of action my lab mates, colleagues, and friends are subjected to email harassment and aggressive paper dissemination. Sometimes this stuff is just too cool to keep to one’s self. Here I make public my professional affections and ruminations on science that is inspiring and just flat out awesome.

-Julianna Lita Bozler (MPH, PhD candidate, and general science enthusiast)